Hello 2014

You know, 2013 was amazing. It was the year I turned 25 years old and learned a lot from my mistakes. But became a better person as well. It had it’s up’s and down’s and yet I learned so much. I challenged myself and I’ve become more positive. I realized that’s when I’m really happy. Oh, and being kind to others and doing things for them for no reason is so gratifying. I can’t wait to see how I’ll improve myself in the new year. Here are my Goals that I plan on reaching for this new year of 2014.
~Growth Is Lovely ~

2014 | G o a l s
H e a l t h ::
Upgrade my Home-Yoga regimen
Eat clean for months at a time (challenge myself more)
Prepare a breakfast smoothie every single day
Run 3-4 times a week
Drink more water  
L i f e ::
Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Have more meaningful conversations in person—not online or phone
Hang out with my mother more often
Buy four new tires for my car
Pray every evening | Pray every morning
Take time for daily devotionals 
H a i r :: 
Explore more of the Natural Hair Community (It’s big yall)
Create my own Shea butter products & sale it on Etsy
Continue to leave hair natural with no heat/perm/chemicals
Only use natural hair products with pure ingredients (it’s very possible)
Trim ends regularly
Explore different hair styles besides the twist out and fro
C r e a t i v i t y ::
Draw daily. Keep practicing and improve by the end of the year
Design my 1st website and new blog
Design for my new online brand like Collateral  

What are you goals or resolutions you have in store for 2014 ? Whatever it is, have fun and don't be hard on yourself.

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