The Healthy Lifestyle

Lately I have noticed that "cancer" is affecting those around me at a rapid speed. It scares me, it bother me. Then I look back at my family and my mother had it at the age of 32. Lived by Gods grace, but my grand mother & great grand mother was not so lucky. I figure instead of sitting around moping and eating shitty food, Why don't I start making some changes to my diet and well being. I cut out the junk food, the soda, the meat. Now I am obsessed with juicing, veggies, fruit, almond milk instead of soy and I feel better I feel lighter, my body looks great, and my skin is clear.

I even started to wear my hair natural. I feel free, I feel like a queen, and real + authentic. I am using organic products now, done with the chemicals, I'm so over damaging my hair, my body and mind. I am appreciating who I really am and how I should properly take care of my self. Hair, diet, and body.

A couple of months ago I got into a fight with someone who I considered a good friend but I ruined that because of my mouth. I talked to much, I held onto a silly grudge that we already squashed over a year ago, I became envious, and selfish. It was not right and now i am still waiting to be forgiven. But I have prayed for God to forgive me and then I forgave myself. I feel free, and then I read an article called "Thank you for not sharing" It spoke to me loud and clearly. Now I think twice before I speak. Least I am learning from my mistake and not repeating them (if only he could see that)

Here I challenge you. Start researching ways to eat right, take care of your body the correct way. Heal yourself and your skin, your hair, your mind. It all makes a difference with how you think too. You become positive and filled with Love.

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